3D PCB Printers – NANO Dimension

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Nano Dimension is a manufacturer of multi-layer PCB (printed circuit board) 3D-printers. LM Instruments represents Nano Dimension in DE, MD, VA, WV & DC.

Value Proposition

Benefit Time: This technology reduces development cycles times and enables on site prototyping in a matter of hours instead of weeks, even for complex designs
Benefit Cost: Eliminates the need for large order minimums
Benefit Embedded components: Capable of printing directly onto the PCB, capacitors, inductors, transformers, antennas, non-planar, denser and many other ubiquitous electronic components
Benefit Highly complex geometries: Allows for increased design capabilities and manufacture of components on site
Benefit IP protection and confidentiality: Allows retention of sensitive IP in-house during development. Eliminates concerns and costs related to IP infringement
Benefit Environmental: Limits environmental impact through optimized design, size and weight. Reduces waste and procurement with additive manufacturing

Why Nano Dimension?

Answer A well-established US public corporation that provides local engineering support, including development and printing services for customer applications
Answer A rapid prototype technology already in use in major defense, aerospace and academic sectors
Answer Capable of printing a PC board with up to 57 layers, within a 3mm stack
Answer Access to in-house application know-how for digital and RF circuitry

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