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Depend on SMT equipment to improve your process

  • Pick-and-place equipment: the Mycronic pick-and-place machines offer the fastest changeovers in the industry

  • Jet printing equipment: no stencils forever

  • Component storage towers: help reduce labor cost, retrieval time, and P&P downtime

Surface mounted technology equipment

The Swedish company Mycronic, is a leading supplier of equipment which helps solve production issues for companies like yours. Mycronic focuses strictly on Surface Mount Technology equipment, including pick-and-place, jet printing, and component storage. Call

410-747-1120 for more information.

Trust Mycronic to solve your production issues

Our qualified electrical engineers are dedicated to utilizing their experience and knowledge to help you improve your processes.

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Our team is committed to providing you with best options in surface mounted technology equipment. At LM instruments, we have 30 years of experience as industry insiders. Whether you're in need of pick-and-place, jet printing equipment, or component storage towers, you can count on us to deliver them all.